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Custom Online Interface Programming by A.D.S.
A.D.S. uses ASP.Net with clients who need specialized access to their program through a web browser, either for desktop operating system flexibility or because of special business process requirements. To find out if using ASP.Net for your programs user interface is the best choice for your business, call us at ‪+1 (347) 506-4488.

Custom webpages programmed with ASP.NET can be a potent asset to you, your associates, and staff. These pages can serve as a portal for customers to place orders for goods or services from your company, while still providing robust security for all your employees� data entry and tracking needs. ASP.NET is real-time data interaction on the web in a safe and professional setting.

Perfect as a webpage user interface for any size business. Requires a dedicated server or virtual server.
Created and backed by Microsoft instead of a third party. Higher upfront development expense than an Access application.
Accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Potential extra hardware expense.

Here are some helpful links for more information for the software product Microsoft ASP.NET:

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